Mobile Advertising Guidelines v.4


If you are not a SEO Freelancer and not into mobile advertising, please, don't read that. If you are a SEO Freelancer for Mobile Web 2.0 and work to optimize content for mobile phones you may consider Mobile Advertising Guidelines useful.

Developed by Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) its Mobile Advertising Guidelines v.4.0 is exactly what I searched for, as there are priceless info concerns mobile marketing practice.

Anyway, if you are not a SEO Freelancer for Mobile Web 2.0, you can learn a lot:

  • - what is Mobile Web?
  • - what is Mobile Web Advertising?
  • - what types of Mobile Advertising Campaigns are there?

And more...

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Glossary of Mobile Terms

3G (Third-Generation Wireless)
Third generation (3G) wireless networks will offer faster data transfer rates than current networks. The first generation of wireless (1G) was analog cellular. The second generation (2G) is digital cellular, featuring integrated voice and data communications. So-called 2.5G networks offer incremental speed increases. 3G networks will offer dramatically improved data transfer rates, enabling new wireless applications such as streaming media.

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Mobile SEO Definition


Jody Nimetz describes Mobile SEO as 'the process of increasing visitors to your web properties through the use of mobile marketing and promotion'.

I am to note that there is the Golden rule of linguistics saying: we cannot describe properties of language in terms of the language. That means Jody says 'Water is wet'.

From my point of view Mobile SEO is a process providing capture of a target mobile audience by optimization (adaptation) in-page / out-page content delivering factors.

End user has to receive exact volume of media which sender sends in terms of content. Mobile SEO is similar to a general SEO we all know, but has very bright distinctive feature - individuality. We can find out what mobile phone brand and model user has, but never of user biography, social status, age, sex, tastes.

For now there is only one mobile marketing tool - SMS or text messaging. But soon situation will be changed.

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Mobile Advertising Guidelines


Do you know 'Mobile web (“WAP”) allows a subscriber to access various Mobile Web sites. These mobile web sites are usually optimized specifically for mobile. Subscribers can access news, sports, weather, email and more on their mobile web-capable devices'? Do you know there are 4 mobile ad image sizes (px): 305 x 64, 215 x 34, 167 x 30, 112 x 20? Want to learn more on Mobile Advertising? Download Mobile Advertising Guidelines.

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