What Is Mobile SEO Top Tool


What is Mobile SEO Top Tool? Lets speak of the content possibilities.

The rich content is the speaker, which plays, talks, enjoys audience by itself. It must be original, unique, pleasant, interesting, bright and fresh.

There are no other ways to reach the Ad Client' attention, besides a tiny mobile cell phone screen, close to ears of US, Asian, European, Korean, Indian, and other customers.

So The Mobile Content 2.0 should be:

  1. Aggresive
  2. To speak for itself
  3. Should bewitch, to charm
  4. Original, as the new essence (which has been not investigated before by a science)
  5. Unusual

As a SEO Freelancer, I can tell for sure: original copywriting is The Top Tool. Tell original. Into your cell phone.

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Ready For Mobi?


ready.mobi - is a nice resource to validate any site readiness to mobility.

So called ready.mobi report gives you opportunity to check Readiness, Size, Time & Cost, visually check website with Visualisation tool (displayed are virtual Sony Ericsson k750 and Nokia N70 screens). Also to have 'dotMobi compliance tests' for XHTML Mobile Profile and Valid Markup. Additional tests include tests for MIME types, Character encoding, Stylesheets dependency, Pop up windows, Alt texts, Image maps, Specify image sizes, Measures and so on.

It is written 'Many tests performed by ready.mobi are defined by the W3C in the MobileOK Basic Tests 1.0 document.' I have to say its a well designed, user friendly, convenient and promising tool. As SEO Freelancer needs to work with mobile web, Ready For Mobi is must-have accessory.

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