Twitteromantics and SEO


So Twitter is the Next Big Thing that visited our planet after Blogging. First I wrote about Twitter last year as of friends network and for that time nobody knew of its hidden potential. Now Twitter is more than social network, microblogging, branding tool. Not suprisingly Compete shows now Twitter reached 8 mln users in US. Did 8 mln twitteroids really find anything useful in their tweets? But then, how SEO relates to Twitterland?

For SEO freelancers and other marketing birds Twitter means a new branding tool. Why Google loved Tweeter? Why Google nebulizes everywhere brandy politics? This is all part of the shift from static to real time search. Social is the fundamental element of that shift. What are YOU doing? What is on YOUR mind? Who do YOU want to SHARE it with?, - says John Battelle.

What SEO services can do with Twitter:

  • - create networks of professionals, users, fans, customers working in certain industry
  • - deliver experts advices
  • - selfpromo
  • - evaluation of some brand, products (womm, online reputation management)
  • - generate quality traffic with high TrustRank
  • - mobile access to individual twitterers
  • ...

Here some links below helping extend Twitter functionality.

  • - Big idea. No comments.
  • - Follow people who tweet about stuff you like.
  • - Follow gurus.
  • - Create counter of your followers.
  • - Find followers on interests.
  • - The most secret link :)
  • - Easy update your social networks with one service.

I see sooner or later we will have only video traffic, so I guess Twitter will become TVitter. But now the most strong aspect of Twitter is mobile microblogging and mobile SEO is the next big stop.

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