Nice Minimal Background Music


A good quitely sounding background music in office or openspace can make miracles.

A good quitely sounding Minimal Deep House, Lounge or Deep House Jazz, in office or openspace can create miracles. Every visitor of your working space pays attention to that elusive background rhythmic pulse, which is so low, that everyone can speak freely and hear each other, but at the same time creates the atmosphere of the branded working space tuned to one tempo.

Remember those old working spirituals on the cotton plantations?

Well, we all forgot those dark times. But we still remember, that music is the powerful energetic drive of the team work.

But those pirate songs on the boats that made the rowers keep their pace and walk hundreds of miles on the endless sea through storms? Even today, programmers sometimes call those openspaces as the "galleys", because there is there a "collective work in time."

Why not electrify that vibe?

Minimal Electro Techno with elements of House quietly fills the room and spreads everywhere. Even in elevator you hear the minimalistic electric rhythm. It just hangs in the air and makes you move in one tempo, cooperate in rhythm.

Electric Minimal Jazz of the 21st century has grown directly from the cotton plantations, it does not irritate or distort your feelings, on the contrary - it gives you opportunity to perform coding or create graphic design!

Trance and Pop Music have a lot of extras - harmony, melody, stories, drops, moments of tension and relax. This is for collective dances of the past.

Now it is better to feel the pulse among masked faces, Zoom meetings, search for goods on the Internet, rather than follow music logic development. You just don't have time to follow it.

"there is only 7 sec attention span for melody

Minimal Electro Techno Jazz is your driving force. And I have not yet told you, that it should sound perfect in your electric driver-less car.

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