Floating On The River


Floating on the river you look at the clouds, beaches, your boat or water. Lately I look at the water.

Water - it is our unconscious, that brings us to God knows where, captivating, bewitching, creating movement and peaceful state of traveling.

Recent reports on the popular theme of attention span make us think about the prospects of modest human being. That 8s buffer gradually whittles down by increasing speed of information flow.

Our children now watch cartoons with a high storytelling tempo and narrative logic, that their grandmothers don't even able to understand who is the hero and who's winning.

What's next? RTW would nullify a buffer that gives us the opportunity to weigh and assess the importance of info and gives the baton to the robots. The man won't be able to instantly percept daily infostreams. Then robots will take care of this: will analyze value of media. It will be very soon.

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Simplicity, minimalism: useful reading


Simplicity or minimalism is source of my inspiration every day. Some sources to read and enjoy. These guys are smart and super awesome:

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Simplicity memes

Simplicity Meme

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Studying Universe


I guess that humankind already studied the Universe as the inner space of human body. But who did the Universe outside of body?

I love this: I feel both Universes, which are absolutely similar in building principles and 'meet each other in the corners of our eyes.'

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