The unit Hertz is named after Heinrich Rudolf Hertz. The hertz (symbol: Hz) is a unit to measure frequency. It tells how often something happens.

A frequency of 1 Hertz means that something happens once a second. That is the most intriguing part - where seconds / minutes / days / years connects SOMEHOW to sound waves -> sounds -> music.

How many Hertz in 1 hour? The answer is 7.71604938272E-7. This is very low frequency, but sounding. The frequency of the Earth sound is about 12 microhertz.

We all - all beings - live in eternal waves of Music: continuous, audible and inaudible.

What a mass happiness!

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12K Simplicity


Simplicity can be huge and tiny, bright and mellow, a quiet and barking. For 12K electronic music label the simplicity has 'minimalistic' aspect - the spot where you feel yourself safe and comfortable and inspired.

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Big Sounds


Glad to introduce you my big Zen drones. Hope you will enjoy them as myself.

They are original sounds synthesized within Logic 9 without morphing.

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Sacred Life Of Music


If I had the opportunity to make a film about the sacred life of music, I would have filmed it just like that. It is a remarkable illustration for a lesson of physics or music theory, philosophy or literature - we all live in a beautiful world, where everything is interconnected and interdependent. Our life - in harmony of the highest order, where everything, as the ancients said, sounds in tune with the Universe or Cosmos. Great mystical and Zen impressions.