12K Simplicity


Simplicity can be huge and tiny, bright and mellow, a quiet and barking. For 12K electronic music label the simplicity has 'minimalistic' aspect - the spot where you feel yourself safe and comfortable and inspired.

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Big Sounds


Glad to introduce you my big Zen drones. Hope you will enjoy them as myself.

They are original sounds synthesized within Logic 9 without morphing.

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Sacred Life Of Music


If I had the opportunity to make a film about the sacred life of music, I would have filmed it just like that. It is a remarkable illustration for a lesson of physics or music theory, philosophy or literature - we all live in a beautiful world, where everything is interconnected and interdependent. Our life - in harmony of the highest order, where everything, as the ancients said, sounds in tune with the Universe or Cosmos. Great mystical and Zen impressions.

Joke Of The Day


Why Michelangelo finished the Sistine Chapel?
Because he did not have a mobile.

Why Bach wrote more than 1,000 compositions for organ?
Because he had no gear upgrades.

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