Simplicity In Code


Simplicity is a wonderful thing.

It makes things better.

Remember those perfectly rounded stones brought by ancient sea, which were admired by Greeks? They are a perfect example of how The Mother Nature makes things simple to survive.

Exactly as in our everyday living.

We OWN to make simple that we even can't imagine to be simple. Simplicity of system does system strong. The bee takes honey. So simple.

You make connections with your friends and partners. If it lasts for month, year, years - you are surprized - your relationships got stronger, but attitudes with people - got simpler.

What is it?

All those informative channels exists and made by Structure of the Universe. Any steady information channel - with accent on "steady" - loses its information garbage and gives rise to a code which as much as possible provides structure. 'Automation eats things', Lotman.

Simplicity in minimal code.