What is the best strategy for background music in promotional videos?


In promotional videos you are to implement fresh interesting strategy of building background music, which will lift your company above all competitors. That may be Heroic major theme based on unique original melody, which will connect easily your target audience with ideas of your product.

If you plan to develop line of a short videos, you could create interesting musical arrangements based on the location of your TA. For example, for Japan audience - your brand recognizable melody with Japanese color and national instruments. For the French public you could create French Pop 60's pack.

In any case background music is the powerful overlooked factor of the brand promo. Do it fresh, do it original. Do it interesting.

Don't spend your $10 for the middle-of-the-road 'modern sounding Techno' trash. Build your defined musical theme.

Music is the hyper active emotional tool of interconnection between people.