Telegram safe? Lets see


I love how Telegram works: fast, easy sends huge files. But what it takes from you? In return, app takes e v e r y t h i n g that you have - where are you now, data about loved ones, delves into your photos.

Who said it's safe? Why does the communicator need phones of friends?

In fact a secret connection is the name of my friend, which knows me and my friend, and encrypted wifi - thats all we need to talk safely.

Copied from Google Play:

This app (Telegram) has access to:

  • Storage
     read the contents of your USB storage (oh, thats nice)
     modify or delete the contents of your USB storage (fine)
  • Location
     precise location (GPS and network-based) (good for a sniper)
     approximate location (network-based)
  • Microphone
     record audio (sure)
  • Camera
     take pictures and videos (distant photographer)
  • Phone
     read call log (history of my relationship with a lots of people)
     directly call phone numbers (thats awesome)
     read phone status and identity
  • Photos/Media/Files
     read the contents of your USB storage
     modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
  • Contacts
     find accounts on the device
     read your contacts (Putin loves that)
     modify your contacts (why not?)
  • Wi-Fi connection information
     view Wi-Fi connections
  • Device ID & call information
     read phone status and identity (good for a color revolutions)
  • Identity
     find accounts on the device (easy)
     add or remove accounts (lovely)
     read your own contact card (brilliant)
  • Other
     receive data from Internet (sure?)
     read Google service configuration
     pair with Bluetooth devices (oh, man)
     toggle sync on and off
     full network access (the beast)
     change your audio settings (KGB technology)
     run at startup (mornin, Sir)
     view network connections (at last)
     draw over other apps
     prevent device from sleeping
     install shortcuts
     uninstall shortcuts
     read sync settings (cool)
     create accounts and set passwords (ma-a-an)
     control vibration (FSB Tech).

Delete it today.