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Remarkable thoughts on personalization - Digital Footprint - Mobile Web 2.0 space and Mobile Social Networkings by Tony Fish:
The use is personalisation, the exploitation of personalisation is sales and marketing, the value is based on ownership of Digital Footprints. This Digital Footprint being made up of clicks, attention, location and is the focus of our converged industries. 2.0 as a movement has a fascination with this data... Digital Footprints are about where we have been, for low long, how often and the inter-relationships. Digital Footprints are not about individual identity, passport numbers, bank account details or social security numbers. Digital Footprint metadata comes from the Screens of Life - the digital metadata of who we are, the true value to marketing income based companies who need this data for personalisation and why the ownership of this data is the battle ground to be won.

Another bright thought came from opengardens - a conceptual diagram of Mobile Web 2.0.

Somewhere in 2004 someone started to develop Social Networking software. What is the most important in Social Networking? The Identity. Then:

  • * Presence
  • * Relationships
  • * Conversations
  • * Groups
  • * Reputation
  • * Sharing

And if you are to develop your own social networking superengine, try to visualizate your future community first.

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