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Since it seems everyone these days wants to roll your own social network, I would like to present some open source social networking software to you.

Insoshi - open source social networking platform. Activity feed, Personal profiles with photo upload and comment walls, Internal messaging system with read/replied/trashed messages, Contacts list, Blogs with comments, Discussion forum, Search for profiles, forums, blogs, Admin panel with site preferences, option for email verification and activity notifications.

PhpIzabi - open source social networking platform: Internal messages system, Forums, Chatrooms, Files sharing, Customizable profile, Personal Gallery, Personal Blog, User settings panel, Contacts list, Contacts categorization, Contacts management, Newsletter, Horoscope, Profile / pictures rating, Users comments, Events calendar, Personal events, multilanguage, mass mail, tell a friend, invite a friend, advanced search, contact us system, bookmark link,..

Elgg - the open source social networking platform, started in 2004. Was designed to allow people to easily connect and share resources. Built on LAMP, aimed primarily at education. Features: Blogging, Social networking, File repositories for individuals, Podcast support, Full access controls, Supports tagging, User profiles, Full RSS support, RSS aggregator, Create communities, Collaborative community blogs, Create ''friends'' networks, Import content, Multilingual, Branding/customisation.

Pligg - (Digg-like) visitors can submit resources for ranking. Also, trackback support, automatic title discovery, RSS import functionality.

Akarru - is a social bookmarking engine, is used to build social bookmarkings sites. Users posts links and promote links using voting system.

PhpDug - Digg-like social script.

Iryna Dubeniuk on 02-04-2009

Elgg is really one of the best tools used in social network development. We have stong experience in work with Elgg. And during the recent time we are working on development of social network for medical workers based on Elgg framework.
Description of this social network you can find at http://www.web100.com.ua/eng/expertise/social-networks/index.html

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