Where social networkings go?


Social networking panel at the AlwaysOn Stanford Summit.

Travis Katz, SVP of My Space -
'networks going international and mobile, so people can take it anywhere.

Dustin Moskovitz, co-founder of Facebook -
'ubiquity is a big change. For instance, e-mail has been around for years, but only recently have people assumed everyone has an e-mail address.

Rich Rosenblatt, CEO of Demand Media -
'social network profiles will all get their own web sites; more smaller social networks will go up

Gina Bianchini, CEO of Ning -
'there would be many more social networking sites

Karl Jacob, CEO of Wallop -
'there won’t be social networks in 10 years. It will just be part of our daily lives.

Older people are now joining social networking: vertical markets would help in attracting older people. Mobile technology would be very important going forward, people would be doing more social networking within businesses. About a million sites would have social networking within 2007, there would be a lot more Internet-made content in the future. The term “social networking” is not good, but no one came up with a better term.

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Social Networking CMS


The creating of social networking site means more than script power, platform or number of embedded functions. If you understand what social networking is, you can realize that social networking software built around members communication. If you build ocean fishers social networking, functions and interactions will be different from taxi-drivers social networking. Therefore, the most valuable piece of SNS is hidden admin part. But then a real configuration of inner 'rooms', such as individual gallery, calendar, notebook, contact list, etc.

Choosing the best social networking site platform can be difficult as there are different opinions. We can choose custom prepared:

anything you like, though all our heroes hadn't been specially written for social networking field. Some say 'write it yourself', some prefer to wait for 'folksonomied' Open Source Software, kind of 'WP for Social Networkings'.

One of contenders we know is Drupal. Drupal already fuels community driven sites, such as podcast sites twit.tv, artist communities like Terminus 1525, large media sites like TheOnion.com, MTV and even sites for NASA. I hadn't test it latest version yet, previously versions looked heavy and slow for me.

I believe in short time a social active online community will have a new generation of Social Networking CMS with GNU, Open Software License or Open Source License. This is matter of time. Sign of that, for example, Pligg CMS, which is 'socially' activated 'from-the-box'.

Try latest:

  1. PHPizabi - is a match making system for online dating sites. It support intelligent searches, messaging, real-time and delayed chat, customizable profile data, advertisements, friend lists, hot lists, rating, pictures, custom themes, online/offline support, events calendars, horoscopes, news articles and more.
  2. AROUNDMe - the free social networking and group collaboration platform available today, that has three central components: a social network, groupware, and activities and task management.


On a low budget? Ning is free to build your own social network.

The principle is: even with Wordpress you can build highly respected Social Networking platform, but who said your social networking will become social in some days?

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Mobile Web and Social Software


Remarkable thoughts on personalization - Digital Footprint - Mobile Web 2.0 space and Mobile Social Networkings by Tony Fish:
The use is personalisation, the exploitation of personalisation is sales and marketing, the value is based on ownership of Digital Footprints. This Digital Footprint being made up of clicks, attention, location and is the focus of our converged industries. 2.0 as a movement has a fascination with this data... Digital Footprints are about where we have been, for low long, how often and the inter-relationships. Digital Footprints are not about individual identity, passport numbers, bank account details or social security numbers. Digital Footprint metadata comes from the Screens of Life - the digital metadata of who we are, the true value to marketing income based companies who need this data for personalisation and why the ownership of this data is the battle ground to be won.

Another bright thought came from opengardens - a conceptual diagram of Mobile Web 2.0.

Somewhere in 2004 someone started to develop Social Networking software. What is the most important in Social Networking? The Identity. Then:

  • * Presence
  • * Relationships
  • * Conversations
  • * Groups
  • * Reputation
  • * Sharing

And if you are to develop your own social networking superengine, try to visualizate your future community first.

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Social Media Marketing


Interesting story on Social Media optimization let me think of new life for SEO Freelancer - social media life. Joe Whyte says on digging in a way we have to be socially active to be noticed. Digg here, digg there and you will have long term traffic. Also author sends SEO Freelancer to install Pligg, which looks like a Zorro for poor social masses. Sooth to say I've been tried to install it at home, but didn't can. After numerous tries I threw it away from HD since the code is on a very early stage of development. Hey, a very serious bug recently has been found in all versions of Pligg.

Concerning myspace optimization SEO Freelancer can find magic resources to start social media marketing. Really, say NO to 'second rate writing, lots of mistakes, recycled stories and sub standard site design'. Though in our real social life long term stories changes from original to the end listener. This is the mass culture. The Hero becomes Antihero with and due to 'broken phone' effect, especially if phone is your mobile. But you stay in the center of WEB 2.0 market square among the networking people at large.

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