Web 2.0 Design Metaphor


Just found a good Web 2.0 Design Guide.

As for me all those 'shiny plastics, gradients and neon colors', - so called Web 2.0 Design style, visually grounded on one metaphor - metaphor of the car. Shine of steel bumpers - a deep metal gradient from light gray to black ink, crying color varnish reflecting a street neons, reflecting glass, glamour.

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Syncing The Communication Presence


For SEO Freelancer making a notes is a casual thing. For short thoughts, little pieces of code any paper is suitable.

In the Web one can use handy Google Notebook, but you need to login first. SEO Freeancer uses Webnote module included within Netvibes. It is very convenient to put in some text any time you like, as Netvibes kept open all time.

Another cool thing is TiddlyWiki - a reusable non-linear personal web notebook. TiddlyWiki is a wiki that runs completely inside your web browser, without requiring a server (or even a web connection) since based on Ajax (Javascript). You even can save it any time and send to your friend for remarks. In fact TiddlyWiki is just one file.

Sure, there are different ways to keep your short ideas, little pieces of code in one box. That's convenient. But we need some syncing possibilities to synhronize all our communication presence.

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Identified Anonymity


Google is to anonymize theirs servers logs that it can no longer be identified with individual users after 18-24 months. Generally speaking, Identity and Anonymity is a polar contrasts. I guess bad guys will love OpenId or LinkedIn, while good ones, as SEO Freelancers, will love deep anonymity. The question is follows - who are you in cyberspace? I see 'a digital identity as a set of claims made by one digital subject about itself or another digital subject.' At the same time I believe the identity is freedom to be anonymous.

Identified Anonymity By Steve Carter methods and data structures providing for the association of an identity with attributes such that the owner of the attributes remains anonymous but that the association of the attributes with the identity is validated. Assurances of authenticity are therefore based on countersigned attestations.

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Microformatted SEO


Microformats are:

  1. - a way of adding simple markup to human-readable data items such as events, contact details or locations, on web pages, so that the information in them can be extracted by software and indexed, searched for, saved, cross-referenced or combined
  2. - simple conventions for embedding semantics in HTML to enable decentralized development
  3. - the fastest and simplest way to provide an API for your website.
To deeper understand Microformats take a look at Tantek's Presentation of Microformats: "reusing also shares meaning".

It looks like Microformats - are some kind of API for website, the socializing coder. I see Microformats are the oil for the Search Engine(s) Optimization. More structured coding helps to search better, and any Meta's for text - such as re-telling the story - is quintessence for effective communications, the alphabet of the speech.

Microformats are the official metas of your web presence. Microformatted presence - is a dead SEO.

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