Personalized Search For Nobody


Everything is going to say your personal life is to be dispersed. We all have to be decentralized. Your blood, breath, pulse, sights, contacts, oh my God, skin touches.

To collect yourself together we need to study a lot of possibilities. I don't have in my mind to be the One perfect per se. Personalization is a fact of to be of some part of some community.

Every and any social networking started today tells - please, go to me. Be with me. Give your social identity to me. Your plasma. Your body of social living - to some.

Personalization Of Search gives another aspect of the Personalization: to be prohibited from a Global Idendity of me.

We are the most valuable monsters on this planet.

My global identity - is where nobody can find me.

Is a purpose of living.

A fine extraordinary fascinating life.

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