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If you look for a new brilliant idea for your next article, try that - Social Bookmark Inspiration. Lets see Digg Most Popular Top5 Words in January 2008:

1. how
2. you
3. new
4. your
5. why

Now we type:
"How Did You Get New..."
"How Are You! A New Day Of Your..."
"How To ... Your New..."

Hope you got it. Probably that's a joke, but real 100% Social Bookmarks Inspiration for your next Top5 Digg article.

create google account on 16-02-2015

Since Google is already the best and established
brand as a result of other services like Gmail,
Google - Maps and Google - Places, people are very likely to trust how the Google+
platform will be a helpful tool as well. Another feature in the technique is the so-called Google Circles.
But, its to soon in summary between Facebook and Google+.

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