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The creating of social networking site means more than script power, platform or number of embedded functions. If you understand what social networking is, you can realize that social networking software built around members communication. If you build ocean fishers social networking, functions and interactions will be different from taxi-drivers social networking. Therefore, the most valuable piece of SNS is hidden admin part. But then a real configuration of inner 'rooms', such as individual gallery, calendar, notebook, contact list, etc.

Choosing the best social networking site platform can be difficult as there are different opinions. We can choose custom prepared:

anything you like, though all our heroes hadn't been specially written for social networking field. Some say 'write it yourself', some prefer to wait for 'folksonomied' Open Source Software, kind of 'WP for Social Networkings'.

One of contenders we know is Drupal. Drupal already fuels community driven sites, such as podcast sites, artist communities like Terminus 1525, large media sites like, MTV and even sites for NASA. I hadn't test it latest version yet, previously versions looked heavy and slow for me.

I believe in short time a social active online community will have a new generation of Social Networking CMS with GNU, Open Software License or Open Source License. This is matter of time. Sign of that, for example, Pligg CMS, which is 'socially' activated 'from-the-box'.

Try latest:

  1. PHPizabi - is a match making system for online dating sites. It support intelligent searches, messaging, real-time and delayed chat, customizable profile data, advertisements, friend lists, hot lists, rating, pictures, custom themes, online/offline support, events calendars, horoscopes, news articles and more.
  2. AROUNDMe - the free social networking and group collaboration platform available today, that has three central components: a social network, groupware, and activities and task management.


On a low budget? Ning is free to build your own social network.

The principle is: even with Wordpress you can build highly respected Social Networking platform, but who said your social networking will become social in some days?

Leeh on 02-04-2007

Some time ago I see a post from a guy who is trying to create a large social network based in joomla, the original post is here:,134379.msg661381.html#msg661381 and his last post here:,151992.msg736890.html#msg736890

Let me know what you think about.

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